Elderly Care for the Unionville and Farmington, CT, Area

A Personal Care Assistant is someone who helps with daily routines for individuals who have a chronic illness or injuries. Daily living activities include personal hygiene, dressing, showering, grooming and even eating.

Personal Care Assistants are a little more involved when it comes to a day-to-day routine. Typically helping with non-medical-related issues, like reminding them to take their medicine to bedridden care, assisting with showers and so-forth.

Personal Care Assistants are more trained professionals in the fields. They all go through a form of continuous training to keep up to date on the latest methodologies on patient safety handling, lifting, etc.

Elderly care rendered in the Farmington, CT, area

Some duties of a PCA include:

  • Medical reminders
  • Assisting with doctors appointments
  • Incontinence care
  • Bedridden care
  • Assistance with showers
  • Basic personal care like help with dressing, cooking and daily activities.
  • Help with medication reminders that are usually self-administered when ordered by a doctor.
  • Household services essential to a person’s good health and comfort, such as changing bed linens.
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Preparation of a shopping list, grocery shopping and meal preparation.
  • Other neighborhood errands including going to medical appointments or taking short walks.
  • Companionship and socializing with friends and relatives.
  • Assistance transferring
  • And many more specified by family members.

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